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I can be in a commercial” but I thought “how can I do that? I’ve always been in drama classes since I was little and I always had a big personality and I loved to make people laugh.

reviews || In Tune interview with Nancy Carroll and Roger Allam || Telegraph interview: “Calling opera elitist is absurd” || Hampstead Theatre || Glyndebourne website || news article || gallery: stage (2011 – now) “Roger Allam came up on stage and he pointed to me and said “You, come over here.” I was like, oh, right. ” Source Donate || Official website of Les Mis || gallery: stage (2011 – now) For full cast & crew, please visit IMDb Review Roger Allam gets relatively little screen time for his appearance in ‘One Day More’ as Javert from the original London cast.

Rather unfortunate, as he certainly hasn’t lost his voice!

Her design in fact reflects her slow evolution from her original incarnation, which was as a cartoon dog.

But through superb accident, the curious hybrid that was finally christened 'Betty Boop' in The character that emerged in her classic early thirties cartoons was both innocent and coquettish, knowing and naive, and far more attractive than a drawing has any right to be.

Male audiences instantly took her to their hearts, greeting her presence on the bill with the same drooling rapture as their counterparts on screen.

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