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I've watched Belinda Lee host many variety shows, (both English and Mandarin) and to her credit, she has also in recent years, been more actively involve in the acting industry.One of my favourite variety show that she has hosted in is 'Find me a Singaporean' whereby she travels to many different places around the globe to seek for Singaporeans who are residing there.The heartwarming yet hilarious anecdote is included in her new book, Larger Than Life: Celebrating The Human Spirit.

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It compiles inspiring profiles culled from Find Me A Singaporean and another travelogue she hosted, The Land We Live In (2013). Find Me A Singaporean was a hit and Lee went on to helm three more seasons (2008, 20).

The third season earned her the award for Best Info-Ed Programme Host at the annual Star Awards in 2013.

Lee was filming the first season in 2007 of Channel U travelogue Find Me A Singaporean, which seeks out Singaporeans working on meaningful causes abroad.

That episode featured a psychotherapist who cares for the mentally ill in Fugong, a county in Yunnan province.

His determination to break out of poverty really impressed me.

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