Australian aboriginal dating

The below map will give you an idea on just how large Australia is compared to Ireland.Aboriginal settlers were the first known and documented arrivals to Australia; they came from South East Asia approximately 40,000 years before European explorers in the 17th century.Often found to over and underlie rock paintings and engravings, once characterised, recent advances I have made in the application of radiogenic dating techniques to these accretions, are providing the first opportunity to produce maximum, minimum and bracketing ages for the associated rock art.

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"It was a truly amazing journey that must have demanded exceptional survival skills and bravery," he says.

A century-old lock of hair, given by a West Australian indigenous man to an anthropologist, has led to the discovery that ancestors of Aboriginal Australians reached Asia at least 24,000 years before another wave of migration that populated Europe and Asia.

This research has been based around extensive remote fieldwork in the Drysdale and King George River and Doubtful Bay regions of the Kimberley in northern Western Australia, working alongside local traditional owners and pastoral lease holders.

I work in a large research team which includes a range of experts in archaeology and alternative dating techniques such as optically stimulated luminescence and cosmogenic nuclide dating.

The findings are detailed today in the journal ."[The discovery] strongly supports the idea that Aborigines were [part of] an early and separate wave of human expansion out of Africa, before the subsequent wave that established Europeans and Asians," says Professor Alan Cooper, director of the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA at the University of Adelaide.

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