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Though April wanted to fight for their marriage (through flashbacks, it was revealed that they’d been going to counseling and sleeping with each other again), Jackson was certain that he wanted to pull the plug, and they ended up signing divorce papers. “I was told that I was not allowed to cry throughout the scene at all, and I cried so many times, and had to pull myself together to try to get the lines out. But that’s sometimes just how things go and that’s just how life goes.” Why did Jackson and April have to end up signing divorce papers?Was there just no turning back because they weren’t on the same page?

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That brings up the question of how that may or may not impact the fan-favorite couple's marital status.

Here, You had a hand in creating the faith-based story for April and Jackson's first baby.

We were on a ferry from Whidbey Island to the mainland, the Mini safely parked on a ramp belowdecks, our bellies full of mussels, which we’d eaten overlooking Puget Sound.

The acclaimed restaurant on the island had been 21 , but with a $10 deposit for the giant steamer pot, I was allowed to take two pounds to go, walking up the street to a picnic table Simone had found, where we feasted on the freshest mussels we’d ever had, the little meaty, briny pillows of goodness bathing in a wine and butter broth, before returning the pot and hitting the road again.

As model Heather Mills became Mrs Paul Mc Cartney, the question on everyone's lips was: 'How will they get on?

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