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Gay Friends, is a revolution in gay dating.

The fact is people are tired of misleading gay dating sites that promise to be free only to later learn you have to pay. That is what inspired us to build a totally free gay dating community.

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" Or, in the posted message of a rare lesbian: "Even if you are gay and white, or retarded and white, YOU ARE WHITE. Instead of letting the white race go extinct because of worthless races such as the african [sic] race or the mexican [sic] race popping out literally millions of babies a day, we have to fight this fucked up shit they are doing.

They are raping our country." Although it will come as a surprise to many, there has long been a fascist gay subculture.

Ku Klux Klansmen, neo-Nazis, Christian Identity adherents, racist Skinheads and Odinists, along with your garden variety white supremacists — these are the people that populate America's radical right. The members of this tiny subculture on the radical right — mainly men who inhabit Web chat rooms like "Gay Aryan Resistance" — just can't seem to get any respect.

They inhabit, by definition, the outermost fringes of our society. After all, the real Nazis murdered thousands of gay men and lesbians, and most people on the modern white supremacist right act pretty much as if they'd like to follow suit.

Disadvantage: High Costs: you can browse profiles of other folks free, but only paying members can communicate with each other.

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