Are rob lowe and calista flockhart dating

So they have their issues.” Offscreen, however, it’s all respect and friendship.

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Brothers & Sisters introduces Nora Walker (Sally Field) and her children; Sarah (Rachel Griffiths), Tommy (Balthazar Getty), Kitty (Calista Flockhart), Kevin (Matthew Rhys) and Justin (Dave Annable) each with their own lives and problems.

Husband and father William Walker (portrayed by Tom Skerritt) heads the family.

However, his death in the opening episode reveals hidden secrets that serve to test the family and their business 'Ojai Foods' to the limits.

Patricia Wettig stars as Holly Harper; William's longtime mistress and Emily Van Camp appears mid-season as Rebecca Harper; Holly's daughter.

They’re the most similar to each other in the family, so they know how to push each other’s buttons.” Their biggest dustup this past season has been over the Iraq conflict.

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