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” Tori shouts a bit, standing between Beck and Robbie. “Hey, Tori, My best friend forever and ever” Jade says, hugging Tori.

“She fainted but Beck sent her home and Andre is helping Cat with her ‘hands-controlling’” Tori makes the finger move). “I also had that hands-controlling problem, they just touch everything.

“Well, Andre texted me, and it says” takes out her Pear Phone “Cat ate her brother’s ‘special medicine’” she raises her eyebrows.

“So, you’re saying that peop O are cooler that people?

“Because I want it to sound O, which is cooler than people” Beck says.

Tori's eyes narrowed in jealousy before her attention was stolen by the sudden appearance of Jade and, surprisingly, Beck."Hey there, promers." the dark-haired girl called."What are you doing here? Tori tuned Jade out for a moment before going after her in agitation to explain the concept of 'Prome.' After the horrible video Jade had put on, Tori noticed Robbie talking to Cat and raised an eyebrow.

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