Are ashley and jackson dating

New Jersey has a 72-hour wait after filing a certificate for marriage. As for JR’s ex, this is the only statement she has made. What do you think about JR finally “embracing” destiny?

JR’s former Knicks team president Phil Jackson mentioned that JR was having some relationship problems last season.

At one point, JR and Ashley broke up but reunited during his time with the Cavs this season.

Are ashley and jackson dating

Can you guess which one of them he tied the knot with? One of the NBA’s most eligible bachelors has moved on from the single life. JR and his daughter Demi’s mother Shirley decided to make a move and “just get married.” Here’s the thing though, JR had a girlfriend that he has been with for a few years named Ashley Weatherspoon.

JR and Shirley reportedly decided to spontaneously make it official at the courthouse. Smith posted this photo of his daughter and wrote something about embracing his destiny, mentioning her mother 5 days ago.

after Ashley, I took two or three years to be single.” The pair first went public with their romance in 2010, but called it quits about a year later.

Greene has since coupled up with Australian TV personality Paul Khoury, they’ve been an item since 2013.

After taking commercial and acting classes, she fell in love with acting and realized that she preferred it over modeling.

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