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Read on for the full The Office Season 9 episode guide.Episode 1Title: “New Guys”Original Airdate: September 20, 2012Andy returns after going on an Outward Bound retreat meant to improve his leadership skills.The eighth season of The Office was the first without original series star Steve Carell as Michael Scott; he was replaced with new cast member James Spader as Sabre CEO Robert California, while Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) was promoted to regional manager of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch.

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But not everyone who may want to tune in for the finale has time to catch up on the new characters, romances and paper-sales developments that have been introduced over the past two seasons.

If you stopped watching when Michael Scott left Scranton to start a life out west, here’s what you missed: (MEGA-SPOILERS, OBVIOUSLY) (MORE: The Office Will End Big. But It Can Still End Well.) Jim and Pam: Had another kid, Philip.

Let's not forget the dinner party meltdown or her making Michael get three vasectomies. Oh, and let's not forget Esther's dad trying to trick Dwight into buying a tractor with him. Let's not forget when Gabe and Erin hosted a Glee viewing party and Andy ate powdered seahorse and then threw up in Gabe's bed.

Erin's iconic Dundies break-up was the perfect way to end this awful relationship. In some ways, they were perfect for each other in the sense that they are literally insane.

Episode 2Title: “Roy’s Wedding”Original Airdate: September 27, 2012Jim and Pam go to Roy’s wedding, and seeing Pam’s ex-fiancé with his new bride makes them worry that they no longer surprise each other.

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